Career Fair

From running the CSE Fall Career Fair and coordinating volunteers, to communicating with interested companies and CSE, this committee brings more than 250 employers to the U each year. Contact us with any questions about the career fair!


 Kamilah Amen |

Kamilah Amen |

I am a... Chemistry major, Biorproducts Engineering minor, Ronald E. McNair Scholar in Summer 2017, Rock Climber, Swimmer, Nature Walker

 Haley Ortbals |

Haley Ortbals |

I am a... Mechanical Engineering Major, Xcel Energy Nuclear Intern, LSSURP Office Assitant, Kayaker, Baker


committee members

Madison Schertler - I am a... Biomedical Engineering Major, Freelance Graphic Designer, Skier, Aquarium Enthusiast, Dog Lover

James Walters - I am a... Biomedical Engineer Major, Barista, 3D Printing Technician, 3DP Core AR Specialist, Swing Dancer, Soccer Player, Hiker, Camper

Lindsey Greenlund - I am a... Chemistry Major, Track and Field and Cross Country Runner for the U, Reader, Eater, Hiker

Eleanor Green - I am a... Chemical Engineering Major, Chemistry Major, Environmental/Chemical Engineering R&D Intern at MCES, Harry Potter Fan, Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast

Kate Klungtvedt - I am a... Electrical Engineering Major, Engineering Intern, Musician, Netflix Watcher, Coffee Drinker

Katharina Fransen - I am a... Chemical Engineering Major, Soccer Player and Referee, Runner, Undergraduate Researcher, Language Lover

Pooja Bajjuri - Mechanical Engineering Major, Research Assisant at HumanFIRST lab, MDC Intern, Dancer