diversity and inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee hosts events events aimed at inclusion of all Sweople, regardless of gender identity, sexuality or race. We are partnering with various other campus and CSE student groups to create a more inclusive SWE experience, and build connections with others on campus.


 Abigail Valero | valer044@umn.edu

Abigail Valero | valer044@umn.edu


I am a... Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics major, Astrophysics Minor, Leadership Minor, recipient of a BA in English Literature with a minor in Chicano/a Latino/a Studies from the University of Wisconsin Madison, Access Assistant at the Disability Resource Center, Chief Engineer for a Small Satellite Research Project, Traveler, Knitter, Reader, Traditional Mexican Folk Dancer


committee member

Ashley Law - I am a... Computer Engineering Major, Management Minor, Math Minor, Best Buy Intern, SASE Treasurer, Soldering Nerd, Conservation Trail Hiker, Food Lover

Maria Wulff - I am a... Biomedical Engineering Major, Math Minor (potentially), St. Paul Athena Award Winner, Expert at Identifying Produce and Corn Husking, Naturalist Interpreter, Soccer Lover, World Traveler.