Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for running general meetings, controlling the finances, sending out weekly updates and much more. Learn more about these incredible ladies below.

Mackensie Schuster, President:    schus255@umn.edu

Mackensie Schuster, President: schus255@umn.edu

Maddy Best, Vice President: bestx122@umn.edu

Maddy Best, Vice President: bestx122@umn.edu

I am a... Civil Engineering Major, Transportation Engineering Intern, Coffee Addict, Kayaker, Chinese Food Lover, Trivia Fan.

Katharina Fransen, Treasurer: frans124@umn.edu

Katharina Fransen, Treasurer: frans124@umn.edu

I am a... Chemical Engineering Major, Chemistry Minor, Researcher, Runner, Soccer Player, Amateur Baker and Cook, Traveler.

I am a... Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering Major, Research Intern, BBE Outreach Assistant, Runner, Packers Fan, Lover of All Things French.

Sarah Wexler, Secretary:  wexle050@umn.edu

Sarah Wexler, Secretary: wexle050@umn.edu

I am a... Materials Science & Engineering Major, Avid Board Game Player, Superhero Movie Enthusiast, Frisbee Player.