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Lauren |  durdi006@umn.edu

I am... Biomedical Engineering major, Medtronic Contract Associate Engineer, Dog Lover, Spectator Sport Fan, Adult Coloring Book Enthusiast.

Clarissa |  kraft225@umn.edu

Clarissa | kraft225@umn.edu

I am a ... Chemical Engineering and Spanish Studies major, General Mills Intern, Runner, Cook, Travel Enthusiast


Committee Members

Amber Eckstien - I am a... Mechanical Engineering Major, Mathematics Minor, Integer Intern, Swimmer, Golfer, Cat Lover, Whovian

Naomi Nagel - I am a... Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering Major, Assets & Operations Intern at Pipeline Foods, Ex Pastry Chef, Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Zumba Enthusiast, Gardening Guru

Emma Tushaus - I am a... Mechanical Engineering Major, Cake Decorator, Foodie