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Anyone can become a member of our SWE section here at the U of M! You don’t have to be a scientist, engineer, or even a woman to join. It’s a great opportunity for volunteering and professional growth! 

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) was established in 1950 and has given women a voice and unique position in the STEM industry for nearly six decades. Today, with more than 400 collegiate and professional sections both in the US and internationally, SWE connects women to a network of 35,000 women strong.

On campus, SWE has over 280 paid members and over 400 students attend our award winning events each semester. Beginning of August, you will be receiving a brochure about our amazing section, but feel free to peruse our website in the mean time.

If you have any questions, email  If you would like more information on how to Join SWE, you can click the link below to redirect you to that page. Congratulations again and we hope to see you soon!

To be considered an active member:

  • Be a paid member of SWE (See below to learn how!)

  • Earn at least 7 stars a semester (Events are typically worth 1 star each, but there are some that are worth more!).

  • If you’ve already attended events, check out the star chart in our archive.

  • If you’re an officer or director, you must earn 10 stars each semester.

  • Once you become a national member, please forward your confirmation email to so that we can add you to our lists!

benefits of being a paid member:

We have a wide variety of events throughout the school-year, including our monthly general meetings, professional development, outreach events, community service and social activities.