The SWERT committee is organizing events to recruit and retain members. We run What's the Scoop at the beginning of the year to welcome all new and returning members, as well as monthly Coffee Hours open to anyone interested in meeting other people in engineering while enjoying coffee. We also track and update the star chart for event attendance.


 Devon Urness | urnes032@umn.edu

Devon Urness | urnes032@umn.edu

I am a... Chemical Engineering Major, Chemistry Minor, Manufacturing and Engineering Intern for General Mills, Yogi, Cook, Baker, Reader

 Andrea Wennen | wenne102@umn.edu

Andrea Wennen | wenne102@umn.edu

I am a... Mechanical Engineering major, Business Management Minor, Andersen Windows and Doors Intern, Sailor, Painter, Dog Lover, Skier, Puzzle Enthusiast


committee member

Rose Slater - I am a... Electrical Engineering Major, Astrophysics and Math Minor, Electrical Lead for Gopher Motorsports, Competitive Race Car Driver, Backpacker, Camper, Adventurer

Joshua Bogovich - I am a... Mechanical Engineer, Latin Minor, Intern at Cirtec Medical in Brooklyn Park, Leasing Consultant, Intramural Volleyball Player, Cook, Baker, and Knitter

Lauren Swenson - I am a... Mechanical Engineering Major, Barista, Skier, Netflix Enthusiast, UMMB Clarinet Player

Pinki Wong - I am a... Computer Science Major, Girls Who Code TA, Undergraduate Research Assistant @ GIS Visualization Lab, Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics QA Assistant, Pet Sitter, Coffee Lover, Gamer