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Amalia  (she/her/hers)  |

Amalia (she/her/hers) |

Gia  (she/her/hers)  |

Gia (she/her/hers) |


I am a... Mechanical Engineering Major, Sleep Number Intern, Teaching Assistant, Podcast Listener, Baking Enthusiast, Volunteer, Artist.

I am a... Biomedical Engineering Major, Horseback Rider, Rock Climbing and Yoga Enthusiast.

Katie  (she/her/hers)  |

Katie (she/her/hers) |

Shelby  (she/her/hers)  |

Shelby (she/her/hers) |


I am a… Chemical Engineering Major, Welcome Week Leader, CSE 1001: First Year Experience TA, Donaldson Company Chemical Engineering Intern, Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Intern, Bowler, Baker, Workout Enthusiast.

I am a… Biomedical Engineering Major, Possible Premed, Cracker Barrel Server, Twin, Ice Cream Enthusiast, Lover of a Comfy Bed.


Committee Members

Anna Warmka (she/her/hers)I am a... Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering Major, Sustainability Studies Minor, Animal Lover, Gilmore Girls Watcher, Adventure Lover, Runner.

Audrey Beam (she/her/hers)I am a... Chemical Engineering Major, Taco Lover, Traveler, Dog Lover.

Jenae Putnam (she/her/hers)I am a... Biomedical Engineering Major, German Minor, Bakken MDC Technician, World Traveler, Outdoor Enthusiast, Fan of Food, LotR, and my Cats.

Katelyn Fitzgerald (she/her/hers) - I am a… Biomedical Engineering Major (also pursuing a minor in Latin), Runner, Avid Volunteer, Researcher, Mayo Clinic Intern, Frank Sinatra Junkie, Coffee/Earl Grey Tea Drinker, Traveler, Violinist, RBG's Biggest Fan.

Kira Lynch (she/her/hers) - I am a… Biomedical Engineering Major, Fan of all Things Outdoors, Music & Concert Enthusiast, Coffee & Tea Addict, Research Volunteer, Good Friend.

Lauren Swenson (she/her/hers) - I am a… Mechanical Engineering Major, Astrophysics Minor, Northrop Grumman Intern, UMMB Clarinet Player.

Yanai Sun (she/her/hers) - I am a ... Biomedical Engineer, First Generation Student, Leadership Minor, Runner, Extrovert!