The Outreach Committee is responsible for running outreach events for K-12. These include visits to the Science Museum and the Works museum to teach kids about STEM fields and run fun activities, SWEekend at the U, See Yourself in CSE, Technically Speaking, and more! Contact our directors with questions on getting involved in outreach!


Sierra (TS)  (she/her/hers)  |  schu3450@umn.edu

Sierra (TS) (she/her/hers) | schu3450@umn.edu

I am a... Computer Science Major, Leadership Minor, Runner, Accenture Intern, ASR Student Developer, Urban Design Enthusiast.

Marie (SYCSE)  (she/her/hers)  |  meye2545@umn.edu

Marie (SYCSE) (she/her/hers) | meye2545@umn.edu

I am a... Chemical Engineering Major, Chemistry Minor, Record Collector, Coffee Enthusiast.

Sam (Steering STEM)  (she/her/hers)  |  wheel516@umn.edu

Sam (Steering STEM) (she/her/hers) | wheel516@umn.edu

I am a... Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering Major, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Tour Guide, Foodie, Intramural Volleyball and Badminton Player.

Jenn (SWEekend)  (she/her/hers) |  gallo106@umn.edu

Jenn (SWEekend) (she/her/hers)| gallo106@umn.edu

Emily (General)  (she/her/hers)  |  reyno651@umn.edu

Emily (General) (she/her/hers) | reyno651@umn.edu

Sarah (General)  (she/her/hers)  |  eyerx005@umn.edu

Sarah (General) (she/her/hers) | eyerx005@umn.edu

I am a… Industrial & Systems Engineering Major, Management Minor, Nilfisk Intern, Reader, Disney Enthusiast, Harry Potter Nerd.

I am a... Mechanical Engineering Major, Personal Care Assistant, Dancer, Lover of Ice Cream.

I am a... Chemical Engineering Major, Bridge Player, Terrible Cook, Dow Chemical Intern, Polymer Researcher, Traveler, Scuba Diver, Netflix Enthusiast.

Coralie (SWE Next)  (she/her/hers)  |  wilco299@umn.edu

Coralie (SWE Next) (she/her/hers) | wilco299@umn.edu

Leah (SWE Next)  (she/her/hers)  |  bake1093@umn.edu

Leah (SWE Next) (she/her/hers) | bake1093@umn.edu


I am a… Biomedical Engineering Major, University of Minnesota Tour Guide, Concert-Goer, Runner, Tennis Player.

I am a…Biomedical Engineering Major, Lab Assistant in Sachs Lab (BME), Medtronic Intern, Nordic Skier, Fast Pitch Pitcher, Mediocre Slack Liner, Crafter, Lover of Continental Breakfast.


Committee members

Katherine Taylor (SWEekend) (she/her/hers)I am a... Chemical Engineering Major, Spanish Minor, Medtronic Intern, Banquet Server, Traveler, Basketball Player, Outdoor Enthusiast.

Megan McDevitt (SWEekend) (she/her/hers)I am a... Civil Engineering Major, WSB & Associates Intern, Runner, Coffee Lover, Fan of The Office.

Marianna Arocho (General) (she/her/hers)I am a... Mechanical Engineering Major, Jam Hops Gymnastics Coach, Big Sister, Brockhampton Fan, Coffee Enthusiast, Plant & Bunny Mother.

Emma Tushaus (PR Liaison) (she/her/hers)I am a... Mechanical Engineering Major, Animal Lover, Cake Decorator, Foodie.

Natalie Pfann (STEM OC Liaison) (she/her/hers) - I am a... Chemistry Major, Spanish Studies Minor, Coffee Lover, Cooking Enthusiast, Reader.

Liz Blount (STEM OC Liaison) (she/her/hers) - I am a… Industrial Engineering Major, Management Minor, Harley-Davidson Materials Co-op, Gluten Free Pastry Connoisseur, Part-Time Vegan, Full-Time Transit Enthusiast.