Team Tech


Who we are

Team Tech is a SWE group that partners with a local company to complete a technical project over the course of the academic year. Learn technical skills and professional skills while connecting with students from other engineering fields!

Previous projects:

  • Development of a dashboard interface (Partnered with Eaton)

  • Development of an algorithm to determine if a person has hypertension based on an image of their retina (Partnered with Medtronic)

  • Design of a weight sensing mechanisms to increase the efficiency of industrial laundry machines (Partnered with Ecolab)

  • Design of a rapid heat chamber (Partnered with 3M)

Reasons to join:

  • Learn technical skills

    • Arduino

    • Soldering

    • CAD modeling

    • 3D printing and laser cutting

    • Technical writing

    • Coding

  • Connect with students from other engineering fields

  • Social activities: Science Museum visits, movie nights, ice skating, and more!

  • SWE stars

For more information, contact Anabelle & Kate at