New to SWE and interested in being a part of our Mentorship program?  You are in the right place! Read more about these amazing opportunities below. 


Professional Mentorship

The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities SWE section is looking for professional members to mentor upperclassmen. Professionals in the Twin Cities area are encouraged to sign up. Recent graduates are welcome to join. We encourage our professional mentors and mentees to meet in person two to three times a semester. We also ask that our professional mentors be open to an occasional email from their collegiate mentee. Mentors can sign up below and will be paired up with college students based on similar areas of interest. 

Collegiate Mentorship

The SWE Big Sis/Lil Sis program pairs experienced and inexperienced SWE members together to share advice regarding classes, discuss information regarding your major, and provide support and encouragement throughout both of your CSE experiences. This program has great events throughout the semester that pairs are encouraged to attend together. Pairs are also encouraged to meet up outside of the SWE events!